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About FoodSt

FoodSt is a curated marketplace for home-cooked meals.

We enable and empower accredited home-cooks to earn an income from home whilst making beautiful, healthy and delicious home cooked meals available to the wider community.

Yes all of our meals are frozen, everything including the desserts.

There are many benefits to freezing meals including the convenience of being able to keep meals in your freezer and use them whenever needed, not having to use preservatives or additives to extend shelf life and less waste! 

With a little bit of clever thinking it's amazing what can be frozen without sacrificing quality.

Please store all FoodSt products in the freezer.

Healthy means different things to different people.  Here at FoodSt we we define "healthy meals" as being:

1.  Handmade from scratch
Many of our cooks hand-make everything from scratch including pastry, dumpling wrappers, curry pastes and spice mixes. Cooking from scratch means we limit unnecessary preservatives and additives in our food, AND it just tastes better!

2. Meals made with fresh produce
Our cooks prepare meals from the freshest produce and freezing means we don't need to add any nasties or processing techniques to preserve our food.

3. In small batches to family recipes 
When food is commercially produced recipes are often adapted to reduce costs and extend shelf life. This means less proteins and vegetables and more fillers. At FoodSt we cook recipes in small batches just the way we do for our own families. Try our lasagne, the bechamel is thick and creamy and there's plenty of meat. Delicious!

4. Cooked with love and good intentions
Call us crazy but there's something soulful about a meal cooked by a friend or loved one. It's the love and care that goes into a meal that makes it taste great. Our cooks prepare their meals for you with love, care and generosity. After all, us cooking types love nothing more than positive feedback on our food. It's a win/win!

Although we are not a subscription service we do offer a Supper Club Membership which is a monthly payment that gets you unlimited free delivery and credit to spend on your orders every month. You can sign up here: Become a Member

To place an order simply pick and choose what you would like to order, select your delivery date and process payment and we will send your meals to you.

Our minimum order value is $70.

You can browse all of our meals via the menu's located in the header bar at the top of our page.

If you would like to order a meal, simply select your quantity and add it to your cart.

When you are ready to finalise your order click the cart button on the top right hand corner, select your delivery date and finalise your payment. 

We will deliver your meals on your chosen day.

If you need help placing an order please contact us.

We use Woolcool sustainable wool insulated boxes for packaging your orders.

Meals are packaged in sturdy plastic containers that can be re-used multiple times or foil trays that can be recycled.

** We would love to use home-compostable packaging instead of plastic. We have searched far and wide and have not been able to find a sustainable packaging solution that is food safe and freezer safe at this time.  Please let us know if you have one!

We are not currently registered with the NDIS.  However, if you are self-managed we can help you with invoices/receipts showing the breakdowns for ingredients and service. Please get in touch if you would like help with this.


We currently deliver across NSW, VIC and ACT. For a full list of delivery areas, cutoffs and rates please visit our Delivery FAQ Page here

Delivery rate to Metro postcodes is $9.99 and the rate to regional postcodes is $13.

For more information on postcodes and rates, see our Delivery Information page here.

Yes we do. All deliveries are made contactless until further notice.

At the moment we are not offering pickup.

All deliveries are made in insulated boxes and are safe to stay outside for at least 6 hours. 

If you are working full-time we offer an overnight delivery option on Fridays (Sydney Metro) where the box will be delivered between 12am and 7am so you can grab the box and put it inside before you leave for work. Please see our Delivery Info page for full details of delivery times and options here.

Unfortunately, no. All of our time slots are either 8am - 6pm or 12am - 7am.  However you will receive a text from us the night before your delivery (approximately 8pm) with a link that will show a 2-hour delivery window.  If you are worried you wont be home all day it may be best to select an overnight delivery window.

We outsource our deliveries to a 3rd party and unfortunately this is not possible. You can however leave detailed instructions for the driver.

Food Safety

A safe and sustainable business that continues to thrive is at the heart of our business strategy. From the beginning of our business we have engaged and worked with the NSW Food Authority, Food Law Firms, Independent Consultants and Local Councils to build a business that is low risk and safe for both our customers and our cooks. 

It is a requirement that all cooks hold a valid Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. This is the highest form of food safety certification you can get and is held by supervisors within commercial kitchens.
We've partnered with the Australian Institute of Food Safety, the leading Registered Training Organisations in Australia, to offer these courses to our Cooks. 

We are a people-focused, community based business. We visit our cooks on a weekly basis to pickup batches of food and have been in all of our cooks kitchens. 

Our cooks kitchens are kept to the highest standards of cleanliness. After all, these are the same kitchens our cooks prepare meals from for their own families.

Yes! We believe in our cooks and their ability to cook beautiful and safe food in their homes.  Our cooks follow strict reporting protocols to ensure for the highest level of Food Safety.  We provide insurance to give our cooks peace of mind so they can get on with creating their beautiful meals.

Meals and ingredients

Although we have some meals that don't include added gluten (see Gluten Sensitive range), our meals are not suitable for coeliacs

This is the same for any allergen such as dairy, seafood, crustaceans, nuts etc. Although our meals may not contain added allergens in their ingredients all meals are prepared in kitchens that may prepare these ingredients at other times. Our meals are not suitable for anyone with food allergies.

We are increasing our range weekly. Our healthier options are in the "Healthy Balance" menu and most of our meals have Nutrition Information attached. If you require further info please ask. 

Yes we do and are expanding our menu weekly. 


We have a Cooks Choice product where we will select your meals for you. Please see this link here

Although some of our cooks' meal don’t contain any added gluten, they are not suitable for coeliacs.

Although our cooks' meal doesn’t contain any dairy products, it is not suitable for people with a dairy allergy.


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