Cook FAQs

How does it work?

FoodSt has been designed so that you are in control of your own timetable. You decide what you cook, when you cook, how often you cook and how much you cook and charge.

  1. Setup your profile
    • Upload photo
    • Write a bit about yourself that helps buyers connect with you as a cook. What is your style? What is your background? What is your passion?
2. Setup your menu items. The idea of this is that you only set your menu item up once. You can setup as many as you like and they will sit in your menu as a repository of dishes you can choose to cook.
      • Name the dish
      • Upload a photo
      • Describe the dish
      • Declare any allergens (checkbox list)
      • Set your price
    3. Schedule your menu items. In this section you decide what you want to cook and when.
        • Pick a date you would like to cook
        • Select a dish from your menu
        • Indicate what time the food will be ready for pickup
        • Set the quantity available
        • Select a cutoff time for last orders
      4. PUBLISH - once your dish is published others will be able to purchase


        How do people buy my meals?

        Buyers can browse and search for items on FoodSt. Once they find something they like they simply purchase online via credit card or Paypal. The payment is sent to FoodSt and we will send you an email with the details of the order. By your pre-selected cutoff time you will be able to check your orders and know how many of your dish you need to prepare and what time/s the food needs to be ready for.


        How do I get paid?

        We pay all of our cooks on a weekly basis. Payments are deposited directly into your nominated bank account/Paypal account.  This is so that there is no money exchanging at the house for safety reasons.


        What are your charges?

        FoodSt charges a flat service fee of 20% on all meals sold. This fee includes Public Liability Insurance coverage under FoodSt’s policy*, all platform access and marketing costs.


        How do customers get their meals, what about delivery?

        Customers pick up their meals from your nominated dress. For some people this is their home address, and for others this is a common area such as the foyer of an apartment building.  A delivery option is coming soon.


        What type of food can I cook?

        You are able to cook any type of food on our platform as long as it is served “ready-to-eat”. FoodSt does not allow for pre-prepared cold or frozen meals to be sold on our platform.  We advise against serving high risk items such as uncooked egg products eg homemade aioli’s or mayonnaise and raw meat products such as ceviche or sushi. 


        How much could I earn by cooking with FoodSt?

        There are many variations in each persons circumstances such as amount you cook, pricing, demand in your area, your kitchen facilities, cost of your ingredients etc and therefore this is a difficult question to answer. However we have seen cooks earn as much as $300 profit in one night.

        Portion Sizing Information


        As a guide:

        Protein per serve = 150 - 200g 
        Total Weight per serve = 300 - 400g
        Anything less than these weights are tagged as "LIGHT MEALS"

        To help you decide on portion sizing:

         1 Adult 1 Serving
        2 Adults 2 Servings
        2 Adults & 2 Children under 10  3 Servings
        2 Adults, 1 Child under 10 and 1 Older Child 3 Servings