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Food St. is where the Community Cooks

From the breaking of bread in times of old, to families sitting around a restaurant table... sharing food has the power to build relationships, create laughter and bury anger all at the same time. At Food St. we harness this power to connect people and their communities; re-creating an old social system and helping each other live more fulfilling, less stressful lives.
We believe in our Cooks

Everybody knows somebody that is an amazing cook. These talented Cooks are in every neighbourhood, creating delicious meals, nourishing those that they love and experiencing joy from sharing their food with others. Our Cooks are passionate about creating good food and at Food St. we empower them to do more of what they love and earn extra income at the same time. We are committed to our Cooks and their authentically homemade food, and are passionate about uncovering the hidden gems in every neighbourhood in Australia.

Food Safety is our priority

The first question on everyones minds when we explain the Food St. concept is ... "What about Food Safety?"  To be honest this was the first question we had when we came up with the idea too! We have worked with both Food Safety Advisers and State Regulators to build Food St. to be compliant with Food Safety Regulation.  All of our Cooks must hold a valid Food Safety Supervisor Certificate which is the level required to supervise a team in a commercial kitchen. We also provide a $10 million Public Liability Insurance for all of our Cooks to further demonstrate our commitment to building Food St. as a sustainable platform.

Read more about our commitment to Food Safety here.

Who are we?

We are a team of foodies who all feel like our dreams came true to be able to work with food and be amongst passionate cooks every day. We love eating, cooking and drooling over the food pictures on FoodSt in equal proportions. We're headquartered in Sydney.

At the helm is our Chief Foodie and CEO, Lorraine Gnanadickam who (alongside her husband and Co-Founder Sanjay Gnanadickam) developed the concept and vision for FoodSt. 

"I am an ex-chef and a passionate home cook who knows first hand the difficulties in setting up a home-based food business. When I had my first child I looked into setting up a business from home but found it impossible to do. The risks, costs and complicated legislation made me think it was easier to go back to work.

Years later, and now a working parent of two children I was struggling to balance the demands of my career and family. I became increasingly frustrated with the unhealthy but convenient options available and wondered at what cost being busy and buying convenience food was for my family and children. I decided it wasn't good enough... one night in June 2015 after yet another uninspiring takeaway meal my husband and I came up with the idea for FoodSt.

I believe there is a huge, unaddressed gap between what we eat (and what we want to eat) in our homes and what we can buy "conveniently". I think its crazy that in every neighbourhood there are people who would love to cook for others and earn some extra income, and at the same time people who are struggling to produce dinner (and feeling guilty, stressed and inadequate). The idea behind FoodSt is to connect people in their communities through good home-cooked food, to enable passionate home cooks to follow their food dreams and make great, wholesome, home-cooked meals available in every community so that we can all live more fulfilling and less stressful lives." 

Lorraine Gnanadickam, Founder and CEO

You can read more about how this happened and the inspiration behind FoodSt here.