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Style:Food from my upbringing, homemade with heart
Cuisines: South Indian, Kerala Cuisine
Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

Looking back on my life, it is very easy to see that I come from a family of food enthusiasts, every celebration, special occasion or cultural festival revolved around food. Growing up in Kerala, in the south of India, I was surrounded by native abundance and women who knew how to turn this abundance into delectable dishes.

I have spent many hours watching my grandmother and mother create dishes with no recipes, but grounded in an understanding of flavours, spices and adjusting as they went. And as the number of years lived away from family rack up, food has become a way to stay connected to my sense of home, which is often a feeling rather than a particular recipe.

Having lived in many parts of the world, I have been introduced to so much variety! I cook food from all over India, along with dishes that are all my own, shaped by my culinary adventures across different cuisines. My cooking style is probably best described as a melting pot of flavour and comfort. While she is not a chef, I love Padma Lakshmi's cooking philosophy, which is experimenting with flavours and cooking with love.

Cooking to me is a way of grounding myself, of being immersed in the act of creating something wonderful from raw ingredients. It is the joy in the aroma wafting from the perfect blending of a medley of spices and the little jig you're forced to perform as you take your first bite. My grandmother and mother showed all who ate their food how much love they cooked it with, and I am humbly attempting to carry this tradition forward.

I am a trained architect who has now moved on to graphic design and illustration.

The idea of providing home cooked meals to those beyond my home has intrigued me for quite a while, but I did not know how to make the leap. Then along came FoodSt and showed me how!

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