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Hi, I'm Prarawin!

Hi, I'm Prarawin!

Style: Homemade Thai food, made with love
Cuisines: Thai
Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

I grew up in a big family and have always helped in the kitchen since a very young age, from picking herbs to little jobs here and there.  I had a chance to see how food should be cooked the proper way. Then when I moved from Bangkok to Sydney on my own, I had to learn to cook for myself and I leant on my experience and my family for tips!  I started to cook for friends and flatmates, and seeing everyone enjoy my food made me very happy. 

I love cooking different cuisine as each one have different method and I also adjust the techniques to one another. I love using fresh ingredients, I grow my own herbs and use them in my cooking. I love Maggie Beer and Heston Blumenthal, 2 very different style of cooking. I follow Maggie for her home style rustic cooking, and Heston for his ideas and new techniques and how he applies science into his cooking.

I love home cooking because I  know exactly what goes into my food (no unnecessary additives) and I love the time I spend in the kitchen with my family.

My background was an Engineer in Thailand, I came to Sydney for further study and fell in love with Australia (multi) cultures and different varieties of food, I am currently full time chef in a cafe in Terrey Hills.


Pad Krapow (Chilli Basil Chicken)
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Pad Krapow (Chilli Basil Chicken)
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