Hi, we're Parliament on King!

Style: Traditional, generous and wholesome
Cuisines: Indian, Burmese
Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor 

Parliament on King is a social enterprise that operates a bustling Cafe and Curry House in the heart of Sydney. Parliament on King specialises in food that comes from the homelands of the asylum seekers and refugees. Their mission is simple: To make lovely food for you. In doing so addressing the barriers to economic, social and cultural participation for asylum seekers and refugees. 

We’re proud to be working with Parliament on King, and to share food from their talented cooks. With 100% of the sales of their meals going directly back to support their ongoing work.  

Sally, a Burmese refugee originally from Myanmar, is serving up three of her famous curries.

As she puts it: “I was born to cook, it’s in my blood. Back home we had a family restaurant and we all loved to cook. The kitchen is my happy place - time flies and you can lose yourself talking, laughing and cooking. When people love my food and it makes them smile, I feel so happy.”

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