Helen's Salmon Fishcakes (x4)

There is nothing more comforting than crumbed salmon and potato cakes. They are made with a classic flavour combo of potato, salmon and herbs making a healthy lunch or light dinner. They are crispy on the outside, flaky and tasty on the inside and taste amazing. Salmon fish cakes have been one of my favourites “go to” dinner options for a long time, at home or if we go to a pub. I have been making fish cakes for at least 15 years and they have been crowd pleasers.

Cooked with ❤️ by Helen

  • 🍴 x4 Fish Balls per serving (250g)

    Preparation (Cook from frozen*):
    Step 1 - Preheat Oven 180°C
    Step 2 - Place fishcakes on oven tray
    Step 3-  Bake 25mins
    *Defrost sauce in your fridge overnight

    🥗 Best served with salad and the provided pickle sauce

    Fresh salmon, hot smoked salmon, milk, bay leaves, salt and pepper, mustard, spice mayonnaise, eggs, parsley, breadcrumbs, flour (Wheat), salt, pepper, greek yoghurt, pickling water.

    Contains: Milk, Eggs, Fish, Gluten