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Hi, I'm Marcia !

Hi, I'm Marcia !

Style: Healthy & Wholesome
Cuisines: Korean
Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

I love many different types of world cuisines and gastronomic experience. But growling up in a Korean culture, I am passionate about creating and developing Korean, Korean-inspired and Asian-inspired recipes. As much as I am passionate about food and cooking, I am a great wholefood lover and advocate. When cooking, I endeavour to create food that contain vegetables or and fruit.

My philosophy is 'food is a medicine'. Food should satisfy our taste-bud and nourish us too. 'Wholesome deliciousness' is my motto.

One of the greatest satisfaction and happiness from cooking comes from people's happy smiles, great enjoyment and reaction about my cooking. Also, it makes me feel happy when I feel that I wow their taste buds and nourish them with delicious healthy/healthier food.

Cooking is my obsessive passion that helps me regain focus and serenity and release my inner creativity as well. One of elements I love about cooking is to develop and create new wholesome delicious recipes that make people smile and pleasantly wow them.

Prior to my cooking career, I work as a HR professional in different industries for some years. I studied nutrition and commercial cookery to support my obsessive passion for food, cooking and wellness.

I support healthy home-cooking without unwholesome stuff. Authentic and delicious world cuisines are easily accessible for people at reasonable prices. The idea of Food St resonates in me.

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