Ever since I was a child I have always loved cooking. Coming from a Middle Eastern/European background I have not only been taught to appreciate and love different types of foods but I have also grown up in a culture where food always brought people together. Whether that meant sitting around a table with friends sharing cake and a great conversation, or working in the kitchen with my mum and aunties to create painstakingly long food masterpieces... I have a deep appreciation for food and the value of the process in creating it.

I trained as a chef when I was first out of school and although I didn't end up pursuing a professional career as a chef in the end, I have always loved cooking for others. 

My style is home-cooked, wholesome food that is made from scratch. I make my own condiments such as tomato paste, stocks and broths and I grow my own herbs. As the Founder of FoodSt my food dream is to help other cooks explore their passion for food whilst improving the quality and accessibility of GOOD convenience food in Australia. I cant wait to share my food with you!!