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Hi, I'm Linus!

Hi, I'm Linus!

Traditional Spanish food with a fun modern twist
★ Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

I worked as a chef for 20 years at Hilton hotels and on P&O cruises which I joke means I can now cook absolutely anything, now matter how much pressure or what the time limit is. From top end Michelin starred food to steaks and pizzas and magnificent buffets. I’ve lived in Australia for 14 years now after stints in the US and UK too and the history behind my East Indian heritage means that Portuguese culture influences everything from my name to my meals. I’m a born foodie, destined from a very young age to work in kitchens and I love exploring and experimenting with different ingredients. My recipes are authentic as they have been handed down through my family over the years and it gives me great joy to share them with people all the way over here in Australia after all this time.

Linus' Pork Vindaloo
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Linus' Pork Vindaloo


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