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Style: Hearty, old fashioned Persian food.
Cuisines: Authentic Persian Cuisine 
Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

Hi I'm Kiana andI love cooking because I believe I can bring happiness and smiles to people's lives by offering my dishes to them. That is very important to me because I love making people happy.

My greatest cooking inspiration was my Grandmother.  She was a Chef who lived in a village in Yazd, in the Middle of Iran. She had farms and cows, chickens and sheep. At times of celebration she cooked food for the whole village. She'd never buy bread, dairy products or meat. She made everything from scratch, made her butter bread cheese and yogurt and she taught me how to the same. She made me realize the effect that a hearty slow home cooked meal can make in people's life and make them happy and satisfied.

I slow cook most of my dishes. On average any of my dishes need about 8-12 hours of preparation and cooking time. I believe in mixing and grinding my own spices and making things from scratch.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my food with you, it's food from my heart and I sincerely hope you love my style of cooking. I also believe I make my grandmother happy by showing the world what she taught me.

Kiana x

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