Organic Vegetarian Sausage Rolls with Chutney ⭐️

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If you prefer a vegetarian version of the good old sausage roll then we have a treat for you! These lightly spiced organic vegetarian sausage rolls are filled with sweet potato, spinach, chickpeas and vegan fetta and seasoned with nutmeg, cumin, turmeric and ginger making them light but oh-so-moorish! 

Stock up your freezer with these beautiful rolls and never get caught without dinner again. 

"Small" will come with 8 x 5cm long rolls and a homemade tomato chutney
"Medium" will come with 16 x 5 cm long rolls and a homemade tomato chutney

These rolls are delivered frozen. To reheat simply cook in a preheated 200 degree oven from frozen for 30 mins or until they puff up and are golden in colour. 

Serve with a salad and homemade tomato chutney sauce. 

Contains: Sesame seeds and sesame seed products (eg tahini)

Meet your FoodSt Cook: Michelle (Fairlight)

I'm a passionate home cook and new mum who also has a side business 'Forage Sydney' hosting rogue dinner party dining experiences.

There's nothing better than using seasonal, organic or free range ingredients to create delicious and nutritious food; this is what I strive to do both at home and for others.

My food style is mixed, having travelled to many countries and sampling lots of interesting food, I tend to take inspiration from these experiences as a whole rather than pinpoint a specific cuisine, as long as it's tasty and makes you feel good!

My Opa was a Dutch pastry chef so I have a penchant for both sweet and savoury.
I'm looking forward to creating delicious meals for you, your friends and family.

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Protein per serve = 150 - 200g 
Total Weight per serve = 300 - 400g
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 1 Adult 1 Serving
2 Adults 2 Servings
2 Adults & 2 Children under 10  3 Servings
2 Adults, 1 Child under 10 and 1 Older Child 3 Servings