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Hi, I'm Genevieve!

Hi, I'm Genevieve!

Style:Modern Ghanaian
Cuisines: West African
 Accredited Food Safety Supervisor 

Why do you ❤ cooking?

As a little girl, I was brought up by my grandmother and I would spend what seemed like hours watching her prepare the family meals. I would often come home from school and smell the amazing aromas as I walked into the family house. My interest in food developed from that moment and has never died down.

How would you describe your cooking style?

I don’t just have one style of cooking, although, I will admit to loving rice, therefore any rice based dish will spark my attention. I love creating wholesome food that is full of seasonal goodness. I enjoy having friends and family around to eat. Unity for me is family; when people sit together to eat, talk and laugh. That is why I love cooking.

What's your story before FoodSt?

My love of food is an integral part of my everyday life. As an educator for the last 12 years, I create weekly menus where I introduce my culture in the food I prepare and sometimes the music I listen to, who am I kidding; I always play music to the children in my care. On the weeks where West African dishes appear on the menu, I have to make enough for the children to take home. ‘More please’ is echoed over and over again during lunch and often as soon as they wake from their afternoon naps. Parents too, are always asking for a recipe or a take away for themselves.

Now making wholesome food using free range and fresh produce is important to me, and what better way is there than to share it so that everyone can enjoy delicious nutritious food that is suitable for the whole family at the dinner table.

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