Hi, I'm Apoorva!

Style:I like dishes that pack a punch and leave a long lasting impression.
Cuisines: I have been formally trained in European cuisine (French and Italian), but over the years picked up Thai, Korean, Chinese, Regional Indian, Middle eastern. 
Qualifications: Classically trained Chef, Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

I grew up in a multicultural family with foodie parents and family who were adventurous in trying different cuisines and quickly adapted to their food habits. An after school pastime would be watching a cooking show on TV. I was in 7th grade when I ventured into a professional kitchen to learn a popular cottage cheese dish from the restaurant chef . I knew then that I wanted to grow up to be a chef and have never looked back since then. I have worked across 3 different continents and 8 cities to hone my culinary skills and techniques and I always say I am a foodie first and a chef second !

I love cooking because it makes me happy and gives me a canvas to express my love for food. I am excited to cook for FoodSt because its another way that I can bring a smile to someone's face when they eat my food, it's another way to share my love of cooking with others.

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