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Important update to our hot delivery menu

When we started this business 4 years ago, our mission was to bring healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals into the homes of the busiest of families. We launched this business as a takeaway alternative, and soon found that the idea of ordering a home cooked meal really resonated with a lot of households.

We’ve had the most amazing response from both customers and cooks, and are now supporting over 20 different cooks (with new ones coming on all the time) and nearly 50 different dishes. However, one of our biggest challenges in connecting our network of home cooks to different households, has been the turnaround time.

We love that our food is made with love in small batches, in home kitchens across the neighbourhood, that our menu celebrates our multiculturalism, is constantly changing and that every meal is made by people truly passionate about the food they are making. But this unique business model also means our cooks can’t cook on-demand and need to get their orders in advance.

We recently ran a very comprehensive survey of our customers to understand their needs, and learned with overwhelming certainty that having to order the hot delivery meals a day in advance was stopping most people from using the service.

Since we introduced our pre-made meals, we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from busy households who love being able to fill their freezer with healthy, home-cooked meals so there’s always something great on the dinner table. Some of our customers are even using the pre-made menu to totally outsource their cooking for the week!

For that reason, we have made the decision as a business to focus entirely on the pre-made menu, and will no longer be offering hot-delivery. By focusing on offering pre-made meals, we’re able to make a number of exciting changes to make our service more convenient, and bring more flexibility to our customers. These upcoming changes include:

  • Adding a much wider variety of dishes
  • Expanding our delivery areas
  • Working with more cooks, who can provide more dishes
  • Adding new menu categories
  • More environmentally friendly packaging
  • More flexible delivery options
  • And more to be revealed!

We’ll be sharing more of these changes to you in the coming weeks - keep aneye out! 

We understand some customers will be sad to see the hot delivery menu go, but we can assure you that the pre-made meals are just as good! The range is so much better and the service even more convenient. If you haven't tried our pre-made meals, you can check them out here!